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At present, the marina has a waiting list for liveaboard privileges. This waiting list does move along, but not at a steady rate. If you desire a liveaboard slip, you should do the following.

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Slip Rental that is in the current package provided. A $25 wait list fee may be required.
  2. Attach a current color photograph of the vessel (Polaroid is fine!) to the application.
  3. Include a letter to the marina manager requesting the liveaboard privilege. In your letter, please state how many people desire to live on the boat, their ages, your occupation and the date you would be ready to live on the boat should an opening occur.

The fee for liveaboard privileges is $250.00 for the first person and $50.00 for each additional person per month. This is in addition to the regular slip fee schedule.

A deposit equivalent to one and one-half (1 1/2) month's liveaboard fee will be required upon approval of liveaboard privileges. This deposit is refundable if 30 days advance notice is given to discontinue liveaboard status.

As of December 1, 1990, the marina has a no pet policy for liveaboard tenants. Liveaboard status will not be approved for boater's with pets. We are sorry, but past experiences have made this decision necessary to keep the marina clean and desirable for all our boaters.

The marina has satellite TV available which is included in the liveaboard fee, with a one time $15 connect up fee. The marina also has a fitness facility available to liveaboards at no additional cost. The tenant must sign a waiver of liability prior to access to the fitness facility. Guests are only permitted if they sign a waiver of liability and pay a $5 fee for each visit.

Personal Fitness lockers are available in the men’s and women’s bathrooms for a nominal fee of $7.50 per month.